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Our inn became our tradition which is why we care so much about it. What started as a small project, became an identity of our family.  Our business is personal, and that is why our Inn is more than just a place to stay. In this Savannah Inn, you can feel at home; you can feel cozy and welcomed even though we offer you services of high standards and well-equipped rooms. Each business has a story and ours has it too. You can read more about our inn on our About page as well.  Twenty years after our founder Michael started this place, we love looking back to those years and seeing how everything has changed- but not our inn. It is far from reality that our inn is obsolete and that we refuse upgrades of the modern world- no, we want to say that the fundamental values of our innare still the same. We still have a major appreciation for our regular guests, for families and people who just want to relax from everyday routine.  Americas Best Value Inn is far from being resistant to the modern technologies- we love upgrading our rooms with various tools and equipment like TV’s, computers, phone chargers, microwaves and so on.


When we take a look back at how things were different, we can notice how easy it is today. A thing we had most problems with twenty years ago when we started this our Inn is simply moving things.  Our inn is not a small one and lot of furniture has to be distributed over different floors and it is not easy to transfer it.  Back then we had to go through many difficulties to get everything our guests need to their rooms. Each upgrade would mean problems, even the lightest things like blankets were not easy to move from one side of the town to our Inn. We remember renting an expensive van and moving our stuff for weeks. Imagine the difficulties when we wanted to get new beds. These days there are numerous moving companies that you can hire.  We are not old-fashioned people but we hadn’t had much experience with moving companies, so when we wanted to put new fridges to our new rooms, we were skeptical.  Younger members of our family and our staff, however, did not stop with convincing us. So we couldn’t have said no when a close friend of ours recommended Savannah top movers.  This Florida and Georgia moving company was indeed something new. We set up a meeting and the staff came fast and with estimates already prepared for us. Each part of the price was explained and they even gave us a discount because we were new to this and because there was a lot of things that had to be moved.

We can say that we were extremely pleasantly surprised with the service of this moving company. Everything was done fast and with absolutely no mess. Nothing in our inn was damaged or broken and our refrigerators came right away. Some of the staff even offered us help with installation of new reflectors that we’ve bought for our halls. The owners and the workers were so kind and patient that we simply had to treat them with dinner at out Americas Best Value Inn.  Since then we have only collaborated with Liberty Moves and each new upgrade was delivered to us by them. It’s been three years since then, and we try to be innovative and we bring something new to our inn at least once a month, so by now, we are sure that they are the best moving company in our location.

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